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Photographing with Light Barriers


Helmut Heintges - Kingfisher

Many years ago I talked to a famous nature photographer about bat photography by the help of light barriers. This was the first time that I heard about all the technical difficulties and problems that photographers face when working with this kind of photography. Shortly afterwards the idea was born to develop a versatile light barrier which would preferably be both small and easy to operate – but nevertheless equipped with all the necessary functions that are essential for comfortable working conditions.

After I had been carrying the idea around for a few years, I plucked up my courage and decided to put the idea into practice: I registered eltima electronics as a business. Ever since the main goal has been to provide a reliable as well as easy to operate light barrier for the interested photographer, which is furthermore accompanied by a profound and customer-oriented service.

Rudolf Vornehm - Waterdrop

Thus our light barrier system Joker came into being and was introduced for the first time in 2003. It won people over quickly with the unique possibility of converting the system, quite easily, from a simple light barrier into (for example) a cross-, direction- or curtain barrier. In addition it was possible to specify parameters like sensitivity or delay time.

Soon thereafter Joker was followed by the handy light barrier Jokie. Being highly interesting in terms of price, easy to operate and merely having the size of a key chain, the camera trigger Jokie turned out to be a bestseller. It is not only the ideal choice for photographers who prefer to always take a light barrier along, but also for those who just want to give light barrier photography a try. At this point I would like to give many thanks to Dietmar Nill, who came up with this brilliant idea!

Nico Butte - Apple shot

Meanwhile light barrier photography has been experiencing a considerable upturn. On the one hand this can be accounted for by the rise of digital photography: Only with the latter it became possible to look at the results right after having taken the pictures – and to intervene as necessary by altering the settings in order to capture the one desired moment. On the other hand, it can also be explained by the modern media and internet platforms which made a great contribution by releasing, publishing and spreading ideas as well as pictures online.

The last, but certainly not least reason may finally be that there exists a reliable partner now, who develops light barriers, sells them and provides a both reliable and profound customer support.

Hans Gierlich